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January 21st (bis) - Les Krostons by kanyiko January 21st (bis) - Les Krostons by kanyiko
A Year in Comics - Belated bis-entry for January 21st

Les Krostons

- A slight inbetween due to a minor date mix-up -

Paul Deliège was born in Olne, Belgium on January 21st 1931.  Growing up, he became a fan of animated films, especially Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), which inspired him to draw.  Despite this, he found work in the textile industry, while continuing to draw in his spare time.

In 1957, a letter sent to comic artist Raymond Macherot led to Deliège being invited for a visit, which led to him being encouraged to present his own work to Macherot's publisher, the comic weekly Tintin.  However, this was met with a rejection, as his work was not yet considered good enough.  Instead, he found employment with publisher Dupuis, where he started out as a letterer and inker.  This he continued until 1960, when publisher Dupuis gave Deliège the chance to publish a series of his own - Théophile, about a detective and his assistant.

One year later, Deliège was approached by writer Maurice Rosy, who proposed a script to him about a prisoner who wanted to escape prison.  This became the gag-strip Bobo.  Rosy and Deliège collaborated on the series from 1961 to 1968, when a conflict between Rosy and Deliège led to the latter departing the series, with Rosy continuing it on his own.

Following his resignation from Bobo, Deliège approached his colleague Arthur Piroton, and together they started work on Les Krostons a series about three malevolent creatures brought to life from medieval drawings by the dark arts, and their continued (but hopeless) attempts at conquering the world.  However, Piroton left the series after the first story, after which Deliège continued it on his own.

Meanwhile, his former colleague Rosy had decided to leave the publisher Dupuis, selling the rights to Bobo as he did so.  This allowed Deliège to pick the series back up in 1974.  The success of Bobo, combined with a personal dissatisfaction about Les Krostons, led Deliège to abandon the latter series in 1983.  Eventually, Deliège retired from comics in 1996, but not before finally setting his famous prisoner free in his last strip.

At the age of 74, Paul Deliège passed away on July 7th 2005.


The death of their creator, however, seems to have done little to dissuade the Krostons from their quest to become the masters of the world: a live-action movie is currently under development, with release apparently scheduled for 2017.…


24th entry of ?

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benitezdk Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
... Deliège retired from comics in 1996, but not before finally setting his famous prisoner free in his last strip.

... A nice touch! ... :squee:
kanyiko Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's rare for an author to actually retire - most authors seem to die, taking their characters along with them.  Hergé left the world with an uncompleted Tintin album (rumor has it - two even!), and the distinct instructions not to continue the series.  So too for André Franquin, who was in the middle of a Gaston gag when he passed away.
burstlion Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A varied and interesting career he had!  These Krostons seems like quite dangerous and devilish little fellows!!  Perhaps that Harpy should be careful with them :O
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