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January 28th (cis) - A Garra Cinzenta by kanyiko January 28th (cis) - A Garra Cinzenta by kanyiko

A Year in Comics - January 28th

Garra Cinzenta & Flag the Robot - A Garra Cinzenta

Born January 28th 1904, Renato de Azevedo Silva studied Fine Arts before becoming an illustrator and cartoonist for magazines from Rio de Janeiro.  In 1930, he abandoned cartooning in favor of more serious illustration jobs, making illustrations both for magazines, novels and serials.

His first comic was published in May 1937, and later that year he started the comic for which he became most known: A Garra Cinzenta, a comic written by Francisco Armondo and illustrated by Renato Silva, about the villanious crimelord Garra Cinzenta or Grey Claw, the masked alter ego of a scientist named Doctor Stone.  His henchmen were a giant robot named Flag; a giant gorilla into which Garra Cinzenta had transplanted the brains of one of his victims, Professor Cuberry; and the Lady in Black, who in reality was Professor Cuberry's secretary Kathy, but who had been brainwashed by Garra Cinzenta into becoming his evil assistent.  Together, they were pursued by the police inspector Higgins and his assistant Miller.

The comic ran for exactly 100 episodes before ending in 1939.  It became the first Brazilian comic to be published internationally, even running in French and Belgian publications after the Liberation in 1944.

Following A Garra Cinzenta, Renato Silva created two long serials: 'Histórias Que Ficaram Na História' and 'Histórias da História do Mundo', as well as the 'Manual Prático de Desenho', the first instructional book on comic drawing in Brazil.  Thanks to this his later series 'A Arte de Sesenhar', numerous Brazilian artists were introduced to the art of comic drawing.

Later on in his career, Renato Silva would resign from working for the mainstream press, instead choosing to illustrate textbooks and give drawing courses.  He passed away on August 6th 1981 at the age of 77.


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